Banned 3 years ago 12th of may 2020

Hello, been waiting for almost 3 years to un banned my account from being banned, im still here, begging for the last. Now i just want to enjoy the game with my old account. Last time i checked it was just 600 days banned but as i checked it before getting unbanned the days were added to 3500 days. Please for the last time.

Whoa, that was a long time ban. Have you ever emailed ?

They maybe took a long time/never to respond. Just keep trying to email the

I think they made it longer/?

Yes i did almost every year xd, they don’t respond to my emails🥺

Looks like no one got back to you.

There was definitely a period where there were a lack of responses to support requests, and while the Kukouri team at the time suggested they reviewed every email, I do not believe they did.

You can try again at SUPPORT@KUKOURI.COM and putting ‘For Lokalapsi’ in the subject line; I believe she’s the one mostly in charge of it now (?). Good luck!