Banned falsely/got banned because got scammed

So like I got scammed with an app that the guy told me to download for pixel world wiki/info ALL of it.
and so I downloaded it and then I enter the password the guy sended me, and BAM I log in to my account no items in my inventory, all my stuff stolen. So then I stopped playing, after a few months I enter the game got banned.

Do not try to download any malicious apps, also if any app asks for personal information, don’t enter, delete the app and probably send awareness

I did delete it but I got banned after that

Why would you be so gullible as to put your password in a random app someone tells you to download? Wiki never requires password.


ofc, the person who had taken your personal information regarding maybe any type of information that might lead to your account being open can use your account freely even for illegal purposes that violate the Terms of Service of PW

i didn’t put my password (not so dum) its just got my computer i guess

also maybe it were to be one of those file exe hacks, don’t download malicious files, you DO know that PW has all the information needed in the official wiki right?

now i know so what do i do. just be banned ;((

Send an email to , give them proof, other than that, idk too much

Friendly reminder that both the game and forums have an age requirement of probably 13+

i will see what can i find

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yea i am 13 NOW. i can’t find any proof tho but i know that the guy went to 7 worlds and i know the names + i know he sold my stuff cuz the world has a lot of people maybe he gave it to himself
other than than i have nothing

Feel bad for you man, we make a mistake we all did, hopefully, with this threat/post some people can be aware to not share their private information.

The guy probably uses your account to scam/illegal stuff/saying bad words so that account got banned.

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dem good bye pixel world ;(

We all start from the bottom with the new pixel world there a lot of ways to earn wls from DAILY QUEST, free fishing gear, free mine gear you can always start.

Hopefully this time you don’t get scam again.

There a lot of guides aswell, but always priorites yourself if you wanna quit you can always quit.

how do I make a new account then it won’t let me

You can always make a new account.

it won’t let me log out so i will try deleting it and dowloading again

Jesus Christ. That’s all I have to say.

Lesson of the day: Use your brain more often.

forestboy did you not learn anything at all about being safe online?

you cannot accuse him, maybe it was his first time experiencing something like that.