Banned for 3,000 days? Just use an alt?

Is ban evasion Illegal? I’ve been told it isn’t, in which case that’s extremely stupid and there seems to be many flaws around this. I know someone who’s been banned for 3,600 days for doing illegal trades and who knows what else, saying they don’t regret it, and they went right to being on a new account.


Jake said that they don’t hunt down ban evaders, BUT if they catch a ban evader breaking a rule, they will instantly get a 3650d ban without any warnings and/or shorter bans. And they’ll be more likely to be poison bans.

You get perma ban but not hunted? No Point makes no sense lol.

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I think you are only authorized to use an alt if you got banned accidentally and / or you didn’t did illegal trades.

Let’s take Yus for example, he got banned for using a glitch and used the account “HEY” to continue doing his videos, I’m not saying creators get a anti ban pass, just that Yus apologized for getting banned and only used an alt to make videos.

You will most likely be banned on your alt if you continue break the game rules with your alts or get caught.

I mean, I think illegal trading already nets you a poison ban.


When i was accidently banned last year, I had to wait a day before getting unbanned :face_with_raised_eyebrow: where was my alt pass

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I have seen over 10 player with an alt called Not(their old in-game name) and they aren’t banned. Jake said if they got banned they can make a new account and start again

Interesting that he also said “when you get banned, you are not welcome to PW”.

Depends on the meaning