Banned for no specific reason

Hello, my username is THXPXST, level 28,and on 4th september i got banned for “breaking rules of game” which i haven’t done, all i did was a gm, that was innocent, and a guy warps in then the next thing i see, its me being banned, and the text saying “banned for 10 days”
I even wrote a email to kukouri, he hasnt reponded yet, but i hope he will soon,
I enjoy spending my time on Pixel Worlds.
And i hope ill be unbanned sooner
And i believe 100% that ive done nothing to offend anyone in the pixel world community,
I seek friendship towards all users

Hi, i’m sorry but forums isn’t the place for that. You should wait for an answer from support and if you see you got no answers, you should re-send a email few weeks later with proofs and details (if you have) that you did not deserve the ban.

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Hello, and sorry , i didnt knew i cant explain my ban on the forums, im kinda new here so i dont know plenty stuff here, and thanks for your reply, it means a lot, but i think ill don’t have to do another email in a few weeks, i got banned for like 10 days XD, but still kinda long
I even wrote an email to support but he didn’t respond.
It’s been 5 days