Banned From Discord [Without Proper Process, No Reason, Unfair & Unjust Actions]

(Monday 13th May 2024) - (2:00pm) (GMT-4)

Ban Reason: Unknown
Ban Giver: Unknown
Ban Time: Unknown
Ban Type: Using discord, as there’s no Vortex messages

Last Convo: Talking to @FarmMiner about theories of what hackers could and can’t do, based on screenshots floating around pixel worlds discord servers.

Last Swear: Shii / Lmfao / wtf?

Last Punishment: (May 7th 2022) (10:35am) (gmt-4)
p.s This was pardon, as it was discussed with LMO / Aldople
p.p.s prior strike was pardoned, leaving 2 strikes iirc.

  • 1 for swearing [f word] randomlii during convo.
  • 1 for telling another user to [f off] as i was upset and they antagonized me.

Current Actions:

  • Left all Pixel Worlds related discord aside from a few where i activelii commune.

  • Sent a ban appeal, as i was banned without reason [that i know of]
    PW Discord Appeals

  • Ban without the use of proper channels [not using Vortex]

  • If i’m banned, and the last conversation is the reason, that means @FarmMiner is also banned for the same non-reason - reason, as he’s the last person i spoke to surrounding a topic, and a few others chimed in here and there.


  • If i’m banned in regards to my actions outside of the pixel worlds discord server, what have i done that deserves a ban, is it talking to everyone equallii, regardless of status? [this doesn’t mean having no respect for people and cursing them out]

  • If i’m banned based on who i have added on discord / ingame, why is this a thing that can happen? they’re actions aside from being a friend with me aren’t of my control, ex, LMO once got into an arguement with another friend of mine, and due to both being my friends, i spoke to them both, and LMO Came up with a solution and it was settled and they agreed to disagree, and moved on.

  • If i’m banned for “being involved with hacking” this is ridiculous, as they’re multiple server boosters, and high level members and moderators who’ve done worse than me with talking to people as they’re equal. p.s, no, i don’t have anii hack tools, nor know how to hack, once again, i make music, videographii for my small business, graphic design on the sign, and help people with abuse cases in games and irl with the proper channels.

  • If i’m banned by accident, now how would that happen. there’s 2 people that popped up when you searched “devz” or “devii” within the discord server, and even then, i’m the one on top, with a well known reputation.

Thoughts before i leave:

  • well, okay, good evening i guess, this is an interesting situation, just putting the word here, just to timestamp it all, i’m now one of the manii who’s banned from the pixel worlds discord server, for reasons unknown, and through nun-proper channels.

Cya i guess.

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Yeah, I got banned for no reason as well. PW’s downfall set in stone

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Is the game closing down all outward communication channels?

In fact when was the last time anything was posted or ‘put out there’ by admin/Devs?

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Update In Regards To The Ban

I’ve reached out to a few moderators in regards to the ban, and these are indeed current moderators and a member of the discord server.

I’ve kept their identities hidden as i’d not like for them to lose their status for replying to me in anyway, shape or form. though, answering a basic question of “why was i banned?.. vortex didn’t ban me, i was just straight up banned” something that can’t be answered, especiallii due to the fact that the member of staff upheld their policii by not sharing further information of moderator action. [not that they could, as the moderator that banned me didn’t use proper means anyway.

And the following screenshots are from the likes of them, and i deeplii thank them for even responding and or caring. I’m losing the will to carrii on but, i’ll keep at it, as i’ve done nothing wrong, according to the stance of another members account [whom I had discussions with last, as well as other sub members, p.s this member is one of the highest ranks too!] [I’m not too far from that rank too!]

Anyway, enough “ranting” and or “explanations” here are the screenshots

Moderator One
Moderator Two
Moderator Three

Member One

The consensus across the moderators, those who should be able to access and see why a member was banned, aren’t able to find a reason, nor was i banned through proper channels, therefore more evidence that the ban was an unjust ban, who and or why would ban me for what?

As stated several times, my last Conversation was with FarmMiner, and we both discussed a borderline topic, however, if i’m punished this harshlii for discussing the topic, why isn’t he?

Additionallii, if this is a “punishment” why wasn’t it done through proper channels?

Additionallii, why were my messages deleted up to 16 days prior?, i’ve not been in arguements, i’ve not been toxic, i’ve not broken anii severe server rules.

Additionallii, if rules were broken, it would be rules that are warning related, such as, wait, gimme a sec, i’m thinking. -. — - … … -. --.

^ Other than discussing hacks [which is 85% of the server now, due to it being all that’s in the game] [which is just discussing the game] [there’s nothing? and i had onlii 2 strikes] [or 1 due to old unused rules, which Aldople mentioned they give passes as times change and rules are re-initiated or whatever, basicallii times change, and rules change with them]
Proof of this claim:

Last but not least, It’s an interesting situation, an annoying one nonetheless, Hope everyone has a good day. Much love.


I’m now dissalowed interactions with the Appeals bot wholeheartedlii. Wowie!

Same here, they straightup gatekeeping lol
wish they could bother talking to me about my false ban

This is an xd moment

Nah but like fr, what the hell happened? Did you say something or do something that maaaaaaaaaaaaaay have seem questionable?

Update, Again

It’s said the bot may be down, so there could be a chance that it wasn’t a block from the bots creator? and maybe a technical issue on discord / the bots side? we’ll wait to see

There’s also a potential that there’s 1 rule that could’ve been broken? however the ban wasn’t done through the correct channels, so i’m quite unclear to tell if that is it based on my, and some friend’s speculations

For now, back to being patient, but no, still not finna join back other pixel worlds related servers or nun, still slightlii paranoid, and i have bad anxietii to the point i take Ashwagandha tablets to deal with it… lol