Banned from Pixel Worlds Discord, why?

Hi, I’m curious why was account Commentators#7823 banned from Pixel Worlds Discord. We didn’t have any strikes, we didn’t do anything against the rules of that server. Can a moderator please explain it?

If that’s about our “Creator program is a JOKE” video, will we get banned here too?

No reasons, no Vortex messages, straight up:

Don’t tell me it’s a form of censorship now.

If anything happens and we disappear here too, just know that we watch out for every word we say in private and publicly, because we know that some people we talk about will try to use every opportunity to get rid of us. We don’t swear, we don’t use insults, we’re respectful and we can always prove that something was faked about us.

I can see why. But prob cuz I have a big 5head.

If you know, explain it to me please then, Dkoi :roll_eyes:

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Creator program is a joke and some mods can agree to it, so that probably isn’t why, considering you can’t get banned for things done on other platforms, even scamming. Star or LMO may have impulsively did it based on something you may have said. Though strikes should have a timer, they don’t…

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Hey bro, im banned just like you, many others are too. Mainly for unfair reasons, PWG server is poorly moderated so this is already expected to happen to anyone, unfairly. I’m sorry to inform you but unless you are a famous player or an influencer, you wont get unbanned

Like for example, a friend of mine has 12 strikes and isn’t banned, i only had six and got perma banned, see? Its unfair, you’ll have to make an alt account and act like a completely different person to re-gain access to PWG.


All our messages were respectful and we didn’t break any rules.

I’m one of those who were banned as well, Blackwight said I was in the wrong channel, LMO gave a strike hours later, turns out I was talking about PW after all. But Blackwight doesn’t care. Whenever I address an actual issue he ignores it or says something like, “I like turtles”


I don’t have any ideas now, because we didn’t type anything for 2 days and if someone searches for messages of that account, they’re respectful and calm :slightly_frowning_face:

Well you could try support. I didn’t get a reply and it’s been months, but good luck

I’m gonna say you were banned because of moderator bias. Happened to me and others, in your case it was because of your video about the creator program
You can compare PWG to a discord version of North Korea or CCP, except it’s about a pixel game.


Didn’t know that server works like that, I thought those stories about bans weren’t that bad :sleepy:
I guess it’s time to create a new account to ask a moderator what happened, but if someone thought that banning someone prevents from having an opinion, then I don’t think that’s how it works.

If you really want to appeal for an unban, join a server in which moderators are in. Like Clash Clan’s server, you probably won’t be listened to, but atleast you’re not ban evading to appeal for an unban. If you try to join with an alt and it doesn’t work, that means PWG just IP-Banned you, lol

It sounds like a good idea that I do it, thanks!
Does somebody have a working link to Clash server?

By the way, every discord server ban is applied to the IP. There is no way to turn that off.

I didn’t try to evade it, but Discord literally says “Bans are by default for accounts and IPs.”

And yes, I’m banned from the server too. Considering that people keep getting banned from it for absolutely no reason, and hearing that 99% of appeals get denied, I’m not gonna bother.

No? When I firstly got banned from PWG it was a regular ban, and then when it was permanent the IP restriction was applied.

Well, Discord might have changed that. Last time when I was banning, it stated that “All bans are by default for account and IP.” and there was no way to toggle the IP ban.

Hey :blush:

All because I was mocking some idiotic homophobe lol
Even though we both got banned, he got unbanned because idk?

Heres another one I got banned for around a month for saying the F word once LOL

The server is a joke

That server wasn’t always like that, what happened?

Some guy, with 3 letters on his name, became the head admin of the server. Thus, making it worse.

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But aren’t developers supposed to be admins on that server and decide what’s happening on it? It’s giving them bad publicity.

And I know who you’re talking about, he was the only one moderator online then :innocent: