Be aware!

Hi guys,
I just want to say something about the bc price.
As we all know the price is dropping rly fast rn.
In case that it drops one day under rate 219/wl (what would last for max a few days if i think) i just want to say that u guys should use ur brain and buy ur bc from the NPC in Pixelstation next to the PWE there.
Because the NPC sell 219/wl, so in case the rate drops under this buy from there.
I don’t hope that this happens but yeah im just saying because the rate drops and drops.
I mean the rate was 320/wl once.
So yeah but as I said the low rate would only last for max a few days i think because the sellers would realize that the price is too low.
But yeah if it happens go buy from the NPC.
Also i want to warn the sellers, because if they let the bc rate drop under that and the community has a bit brain in their heads, then I’d say all would buy from the NPC and none would buy fro mthe sellers.
Ofc there are still some people who wouldn’t realize that but still there would be much less buyers,
also I’d say worlds like BUYBYTE would get empty worlds.
But anyways the price probably wouldn’t drop so far.
But if remember this topic!!


I haven’t checked on BUYBYTE for a month now and I’m unaware of that, I used to sell off all my 21k+ worth bc for the rate of 300/1wl.

It would be very stupi- if someone buys bc for 200/wl when that exists…

If byte coins become 200/wl from 300/wl, it means that the world lock has lost value.

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yes the name of this is INFLATION.
Ucan se this as an example in Venezuela rn.

People are always buying blue particles from the PWE when the NPC sells is for cheaper. I mean when the event is active.

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I remember buying 400/1 years ago