Been a while

Hey guys, my name is PaRappa. Been a while since I talked to many of you.

I was banned from the Discord a long time ago, July perhaps (?), so I have not been able to stay in touch with you all, though I hope you are all doing well.

Hope to see some replies from some familiar faces. Cheers.


You might not recognize me but I certainly know that you were pretty awesome in the old forums. (I haven’t been in the discord much so I don’t know you there unfortunately.)

will you be back?

Welcome back parappa.

Yes, it’s been a while.

I don’t remember why I was kicked or banned o whatever probably just stupid things like getting warned for something that was 5 minutes ago in chat

Ayy, Welcome back Pa!

Welcome back PaRappa.

Hey bro. Honestly forgot you got banned from the discord server. I can confirm however that it’s still bad.

I’m still not a fan of playing the game but I’m still pretty active in forums and discord.

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Nice to see you all! Hope you all are enjoying your holidays and have had a Merry Christmas.