Behold, B U N N Y S A M U R A I

This looks like a mashup of paladin, red samurai and a bunny ngl
Do you like it?

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  • Lol no!

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Besides the nightmare fuel that is the Mask, I really like the look and colors of it.
It might be hard to find fitting items to complement them in a set, but if you find some fitting items, I think there could be made some amazing sets with items from it.

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Ngl looks like they ran out of ideas lol. In my option the set looks very ugly.

I want the bunny mask & the sword.

It looks alright, but the set overall could do with some more detail. It might look better if worn with the frost ring?

Hey the mask is cool >:(

looks freaking awesome

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Eeeh, it’s ok I guess, but I was expecting more from it.

Well the sets better than

Also, I don’t know exactly what this is but it looks like an egg with hair around it

i guess the update not so good
because they working in next update