Being active advantages

Hey there,
I’m Samurai.
Always wondered what happens to the most active users playing any game a lot?
I mean I myself did it for pixel worlds and a couple of other games too.
The simple advantage or in other words is.
You will get a lot of reputation and many people will know you for sure.
If you basically like a legendary player on any game spending hours and hours.
It’s a good fact that you’ll gain attention from the community and people will start to recognize you.
It’s a pretty good chance that you can be kinda like an influencer without a youtube channel and so on.
Even just by being at the forums uploading many posts that are appropriate and helpful do work.

Thank you and sorry for the short post xD.

You cant be known by community just by being active in game , you have to interact with community / do good things so they can remember you in my opinion

Well true but at the same time I’ve seen frequent posters that do Public messages day by day and in my opinion, They have alot of players playing their game and they themselves gaining reputation. Example is the creator of the world named: Wired games.
He has gained alot of reputation because of his world. Soo yeah.

Interactions with other players make impressions. Grinding game does not make you a well-known member of the community as most are underground, enjoying the game or merely doing their own thing without others intervention.

True, In my opinion I’ve seen players having good recognition, By their games uploading posts and so on. Grinding games doesn’t but creating good things like rare one of its kind games and so on also works like the world creator of “wiredgames” His game has gone really well and also players do play it some time or the other the game itself promises prizes so that the player can have a goal in that game. The person has gotten a lot of reputation in the game by that one game itself.

I was actually really surprised when someone recognized me,my channel has only 23 subscribers and I’m quite unfamiliar to others in my opinion, time will tell.

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If they’re not engaging with the community outside of the game though, it’s unlikely that they’re very well known. I tend to hang around on the forums, and I don’t really keep track of global messages, (I really should though, tons of interesting stuff happens in them for some reason) so I’ve never heard of them.

That doesn’t mean that other people who mainly spend their time on the forums haven’t heard about them either, it would be ignorant to assume that nobody else here knows who they are just because I don’t.

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