Best gear for mining?

So I sold all my fishing gears and stuff like that, and I am planning to mine, I am not sure will I be doing it for profit because of my ridiculously bad internet.

I am planning to mine with heavy pickaxe because I couldn’t afford better one, I am saving it for gear.

So what’s the best gear for mining with heavy pickaxe?

I have a picture of the most common set used.


Buy the best axe not the best set

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if you can afford epic pickaxe without gear, get it, but if you can’t yeah, just stick to lower one with gear.

If you are not rich enough to get very expensive and good set i recomend something like chaos armor and red kabuto helmet as pickaxe you can use like sturdy.

Nah fazeus isn’t that poor

He has 1 pl plus definetly

I also answered to other people that read that

I just realized that my connection isn’t that bad, when I first downloaded Pixelworlds on my laptop, I downloaded it on Microsoft store version, I disconnected a lot, because it has more bugs as far as I have heard.

I disconnect MUCH less on Steam version, I didn’t even tried mining on Steam version for several months… bruh.