Best gem to WL conversions?

Heya, I’m pretty new to Pw (started playing around the last day or so of Black Tower) and was wondering what are some of the best things to spend your gems on in order to gain the most WLs?

I do understand opening an lure shop and bsp are probably the best options but is there anything else that I could buy and sell that doesn’t require me opening and advertising to try to sell lures or bsp?

I have around 280-300k gems as of now for reference.

Thanks in advance!

lure and bsp is the best to be sold out.
try buying limited time items like limited blocks in shop or hairs. may rise sooner in the future.

or if you want to take some time to profit with, try buying a dog - the one for 10k gems. it is profitable as they said.

or just keep the gems off.

Spend it all on a limited booster like a boss :sunglasses:

Be an alpha chad and use all your gems on global messages ;D

I would recommend spending most on Fishing.