Best Set competition rework

It’s effortless and no creative inspiration whatsoever. Only those who have the resources can win the competition.

Make it into art competition where the set with the most unique design, animations, and whatnot that fit the theme will be added and given only to the winner as an untradeable vanity set.

Or better yet…

  • 1st Place: Wins their complete set as a vanity untradable
  • 2nd Place: Only gets to choose 1 untradable piece of their desired set and a consolation prize of 50k gems.
  • 3rd Place: Gets to choose 1 untradable piece from their set.

That’ll wipe out the randoms and nakeds who keep on joining.


I dont have much programming experience but I think that’d be little too much work, for this little side feature

what do you mean?

Don’t they just have to copy paste the basic object data documentation and tweak it a little? Just the name, description, and object type. Then insert the provided sprite sheet and animations into the game and tada?

Just make the devs personally choose the winners. Make it so that Top 5 (instead of Top 1) gets the prize.

Problem is , we don’t have a dev team as of rn :nerd_face:

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Or simply don’t add such a small feature and make an entire update only about it

wdym vanity untradeable

This sounds like a bad idea

Just add lvl door in tis part pixel station and set it to lvl 40

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wotw set version! That’s not a bad idea but community choice could be hypothetically tweaked to work in a good way as well

People can buy a photo booth you know.

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Kinda forgot that lol

they should just manually review the top 5, and remove entries that are obviously not on theme, such as the EPWR that won the “School is out!” theme


Aw man I thought everyone bought giant mech suits made of gold to go hang with the boys on the beach