Best Set Update [Reworked]

So, many people are complaining about the best set update. I’d like to propose some changes that could be made to the update to make people happier with the feature.

Lock the best set feature behind a level barrier:
Because of the voting booth’s location in the PIXELSTATION, new players find the feature and submit the outfit they’ve been given by the tutorial, which contributes to the low quality, and off-theme submissions. To prevent this, players should be unable to interact with the best set feature until they’ve reached a specific level. (Maybe level 15 or 20?.) This would give new players a chance to learn about the game, and collect some items, allowing them to create a decent set before submitting it to the contest.

Allow people to skip votes:
Sometimes, even with the suggestion above in place, people may still contribute off-theme sets. People should be allowed to skip 5 of their votes, as this would prevent them from spamming the button to burn through all of their votes for the day.

Instead of having one winner, have three:
I took this suggestion from the post linked below. Currently, only 11 people actually gain anything each time the best set event passes. The 10 people who gain gems for voting, and the winner themselves, there’s nothing for anyone else. Having two more winners would mean that there could be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize, meaning that there would instead be 13 people benefitting from the event each time.

Change how rewards are given to voters:
(This one combines with the previous point.)
With the current system, 10 voters get awarded completely randomly, no matter which set they vote for. It would be better to award 10 random people for each of the winning sets, with the number of gems varying depending on the placement of the set. For example, 10 random people who voted for the 1st place set gain 10,000 gems, 10 random people who voted for the 2nd place set gain 5,000 gems, and 10 random people who voted for the 3rd place set gain 2,500 gems. Combined with the previous post, this would mean that 33 people benefit from the event each time.

Give your own feedback on these suggestions, it would be great to see this update improved, as it was such a great concept.


I remember Jake saying that the developers won’t make skipping votes anytime soon, in that case people can just vote for their own sets or friends

But maybe?

That’s unfortunate. The ability to skip votes almost seems necessary, because the two sets presented aren’t always on-theme.


Well… I don’t know if I would call it a complain, but I think the Best Set competition COULD be better, by improving on how the system works.

Also Honorable mentions would be great as well. :smile:


In a more general sense, I would say people are complaining about the update. Most threads related to the best set update here are complaining about it, or at least displeased with it.

That’s true but if the participaters will need like level 20-30 to participate then the skip feature won’t be that much needed and won’t be problem if devs won’t add it. Besides this I mostly agree with you, if would be nice if devs would add something like this.

Yeah, that would be really nice.

Even then, I feel that a skip feature would still be necessary, as there are quite a few people who still submit off-theme sets despite being experienced players, purely because they don’t care about the theme.

Well even skip feature wouldn’t help that much, if people really wanted you could see a lot of off theme sets, higher number of skips could be easily abused but like 3 skips could be nice ngl.

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That’s actually not a bad idea.

Which is exactly why skips are required. As you suggested, I could settle for 3 skips.

If you would settle it to like 3 skips it could work.

Thanks, I appreciate it.


This feature really needs reworking. I’m honestly disappointed by the amount of off-theme and low effort sets I’ve seen today.

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