Bet or gambling game

so like i saw people playing tictactoe
and they are doing bets is that allowed?

All sorts of scamming games are not allowed not drop games even if the drop games are legit Will they not be allowed betting and casino are stricly bad too if you just play those games you might g’et punished yourself

so its not allowed… the people that are doing global messages how come they arent banned yet
if its not allowed i just wanna confirm this

There has been this rule where if it is skill-based it should be legal, It’s a bit in a gray area in the rules but things such as tick-tack-toe and spleef should be legal. Not sure all about this but I would recommend just not being involved in it at all. Since playing is a risk of losing you’re wls and hosting is a risk of breaking the rules.

deres not a ceratin rule but its best not to

with blocks or wiring? cuz if with wiring that would seem a lot more effort

All skill based games are legal…
Luck based is illegal :slight_smile:

No, these games are technically legal. Look at Yus’ world BET for example. It is filled with skill based games in which you can gamble to make some profit. Stuff like drop games, which are illegal no matter what, are luck based. Basically if someone can outshine you through pure luck alone, it is illegal.

If it deals with skill, its legal. Just frowned upon by the community.

P2P are legal, if the owner/host scam it would be consider as a scam. P2P are open because Jake said in the discord its ok to have P2P, but when you host P2P and scam it would consider still as a scam.

So P2P is legal, but it is illegal when the host of P2P scam.

P2P is okay if the peber scam it Will be condoned as a scam and that is bannable but if you with to g’et a roolback og Your items you list you might wanna give up as it’s very hard
From Leo

His question has literally nothing to do with casinos or drop games…