BFGs are now a thing in pixel worlds

How it works: So you’ll pay bytes to the owner for farmables like spike bombs for example you’ll give 20 bytes for 20 spike bombs when you’re done you’ll give the owner the seeds then you’ll get extra blocks per seed.

In my opinion this is pointless why would you even spend your bytes on bfgs when spike bombs are 999/1.

Can you explain what BFG means?

It stands for Break for gems

I don’t trust these kind of stuff…

Break for Gems only works if you have some Magplant or whatever items that can collect seeds & blocks automatically, in GT,

Well in PW, we don’t have those kind of Items which is complicated if you make BFG without those stuffs,

To the guy whom made that Break for gems in PW , My respect on his efforts .

If you guys want to know spike bombs gem drops , you can search it on google
heres the link


This really feels kind of pointless somehow…

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Its so easy to scam or get scammed here. However i feel its better to just break it in your own world. I don’t think pw needs a magplant as that would ruin the game.

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Yeesh, 1 bc per bomb. They’re basically just buying sbs for 999/3 when they’re 999/1 and the owner gets to keep the seeds?


Why would anyone fall for this?

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This is the first time I see something like this in Pixel Worlds…
That is shameful and disappointing…

This is… pointless