Biggest bruh moment

Mega bruh moment

this mask and wings are so overused in the best set competition


Atleast pinstroke didn’t win this one :skull:


Best set aint worth it no more

What will happen if I participate here? Can I get BC?

If you are the winner of the best set (in pixelstation), you get a trophy and 100K gems. If you vote a certain number of times, you can get 10k (but it’s a raffle so its random)

Ohhh know im gonna participate with my set thanks good to know.

Good luck in not winning. Because pin stroke has 1billion alt accounts

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Wait what? I dont understand.

It’s pretty much impossible to win best set if you don’t use alt accounts to vote for your set, since pinstroke is doing that in every best set

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Wait pinstroke is cheating? How did you know? If he do this all of his alts should get banned because thats cheating!

No simple set in best set competion always awesome and expensive stuff.

Fr :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones: (20 characters)

Pinstroke can’t accept that and even making story as Uncreative without knowing Devoted won by Legit Votes. Sportsmanship.

He said it in the discord. It isn’t made illegal so he will abuse it