Biggest Scammer In Pixel Worlds

Smh he is the biggest scammer


bold of you to say this since you got 2 scythes :weary:

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i scam failed the scammer :sunglasses::sunglasses:


he still gave you 2 scythes and 1 hair tho

Bruh he gaved me only a card… i just hope i will get the scythe with my 390k gems left…

Can I borrow your Scythes… it’s for a… umm… thumbnail! Yes! Thumbnail :smiley:

PW Tools be like:

I’m i a joke to you?

i already sold them you are late

Its not in pw tools yet :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


scammed jacko again , i got 3 scythe in total now

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Save some luck for me :wink:

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you must be kidding :sneezing_face:

cry about it
jokes aside you gotta grind more if you want it :sunglasses:

I consider I grinded enough and I’m not going further. It’s exhausting and boring now, I deserve a break.

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fair enough

Same for me

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