Blue Scarf

A scarf animation in blue. (yes i know this looks similar to the Aviator one.)

Untitled 02-19-2021 05-36-17


In my opinion thats cool.

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Masked man how do you make these I’m interested in making one. also the scarf looks nice

I just observed how animations looks like in different stuff and try to make one in a different style

(yeah i can’t show a video of a scarf animation from a different game)

I mean how do you make it in itself I tried making one but it’s nowhere near as good as yours

It requires more frames?

I mean it’s kinda glitchy because I drew every frame cropped and put it into this website called Giphy so how do you do it in a better way than that?

Yeah but it’s not just that every frame I make is a slight different size which makes it look weird

I only use Pixel Studios from google play store

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That’s quite chilling, very good,

.* makes the same animation, but the color is black *

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That’s so cool! I really like scarves. :smile:

Yes please! (20 char.)