Boat mounts

how about boats in pixel worlds they would float on water and u could steer them or even submarines that could go underwater you could have really fun races basically jetrace with boats

i made a quick pixel art of what the boat would look like tell me what u think


Its excact like jetrace.

Well not really because they can’t fly and the developers could make it different and I know it’s not a brilliant suggestion but it’s just an idea

Cool idea, but copies jetrace.

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It would be cool If we have new sea related items ofc.

@blu I know it copies jetrace so it would only be a mini update

Underwater jetrace but takes a lot more gems then normal jetrace and limits you even more on how many times you can play
I do like the idea tho as water themed stuff is not used at all could do more stuff like sunken ships or treasure chests making sense from where it’s coming from instead of dirt or blocks

ya that would be really cool i hope the devs think about making it

Nice pixel drawing you have there. :new_moon_with_face: #community-creations

Thanks I made others as well @pixel worlds art post

Pretty cool drawing there. Perhaps becoming a part of fishing gear would make more sense.

@Vaikas ye maybe that would work well

Except, it’s on water…

Fishing for sharks/whales then the boat moves xd

Wow I love it when people are expanding on my idea that would be really cool whale fishing they’re really hard to catch but worth tons of gems that would be great

Yep, you need to control the boat to pull while reeling i guess

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