Boycott Byte Coin Store

Yes. You read the title correctly. Let’s boycott the Byte Coin store. There is only one reasons why we should boycott the byte coin store.

The reason is, is when you use bytes. I didn’t notice it before, but now there’s a Great Depression in our hands, or as someone else would’ve called it, the Great Pixel Depression. So that’s why, we should boycott the store. The boycott will last until the end of the month, when we get the bytes back up to where it is, or around there. You don’t have to participate if you want, but we need as many people to boycott as possible. Oh, and no hard feelings Dev, Jake, and EndlesS. This is the best way to stop the Great Pixel Depression from becoming into an actual Great Depression.

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I mean… tbh most of the stuff in that store are useless… i just only buy wl here perosnally soo i’m already boycotting it

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some people do be taking kids game seriously :skull:


A PWE replacement was never a good idea…

Lmao :skull:
All jokes aside, I did this because I don’t want to see a game I like fall into shambles because the economy is unbalanced.

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There is no point in boycotting it because people will always continue buying items and someone will always want an item from there. People are also going to capitalize on the boycott.

But the biggest reason of all is, the devs aren’t even paying attention to how many bytes are actually in game.


Boycott bytecoin store? I don’t like the sound of that

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