Breaking a loop

Does anyone have any tips to break/stop a fan and vortex portal combination?

In this instance on one side of the spawn is a fan the other a vortex portal

The lock in the world is fully decayed.

I’ve tried to turn the fan off but it doesn’t work , possibly wired rather than controlled


Grabbed an image


Scifi button under spawn and two wired trapped doors

I have definitely struck this button but it doesn’t do anything


i thought u can turn off fans

can you say what the name of the world is?

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Well since my post this is all I’ve done

Yes i did manage to break it.

3 other worlds all doing the same , one with a double fan … which is impossible, however I found the portal access.

That world BOTH should be banned it’s so annoying !

As for the world’s? WL to all of them

No super high value stuff, but still my biggest find … 100’s maybe 1000+ different items from Quantum safe to brown shoes

Speechless :grin:

Thanks for the replies .