Bruh cant even report properly anymore

I go report this chap for switching Demon ring for red nose and scamming my drake wings, and this happens.

  1. You should always check trades before accepting.

  2. This should be fixed because it’s a
    HUGE problem for people who got scammed

  3. Why would you trade drake wings for a demon ring?

  4. My apologies


22.6k bc + demon.
They told me they scammed cuz i was “too greedy” even tho others selling 33k .-.
Plus i EXPLICITALY said 32k if pure, which they took as “If offer or pure”

Whats goin on with this photo xd (yes im dump)

This happens to me a lot. What I think is its because if there are many ppl chating in chat feed it holds wrong mssg leading to this. I think this happened to Jake too while he was trying to ban a scammer. Personally I think its not a bug but the feed is too fast and we end up holding wrong mssg but I maybe wrong and it can be a bug too.