Bruh lol

Hi, I make nearly 20pl in less than 2 months and now today i am see ban 3650 days bruh lol? can help @EndlesS and pls tell me how to msg mod/admin idk how to use this forum.

Might have to do with how you made those 20pls in less than 2 months. Just my guess.


Email support if you think a ban was not for a good reason!

Yvg, buddy I think its time for you to own up. No matter how many accounts you make, if you keep doing this its gonna be the same every time bro. Try come clean for once.

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Can some one tell me how to msg developer in this forum?

Hey YVG. How are you doing, have you been doing the stuff u should not do?

Even if it’s an old thread, I really hope you got unbanned (unless if your not guilty) otherwise your time joining here just to report this and pinging the developers for unintended reason even if email support exists then all would be useless.

And then having the gall the brag about the items he got