Buff dark carb rod

Dark carbon rod must be buffed, why? it cost alot of dark stones + and its the same as dark carbon superior. who agrees dark carb rod to be buffed?

Wrote this to you on the other Thread:

I hope you read, what i wrote above.

  • Still unsure if it’s between 5% or 10% Faster Strike Frequency.

  • Also unsure if it has chance to Catch Bigger Fishes. - [NOT TRUE]

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As of bigger fishes, I don’t think that’s true…
Wokun has tried to compare between Carbon Sup and Dark Carbon Rod, both rods produce around the same amount of gems (around 1k difference)

Yeah i believe the same, updated it.

For the price that’s such a pitiful buff though.

Based on my experience dark carbon is good for RNG’s like last week tournament i got 10 large in a row that never happened when im using my titan and made me win the cup.
This rod already gave me tons of 1st place :trophy:. Well again based on experience only.

Everything doesn’t depend on a price, otherwise that would be p2w.

You misinterpreted what I said.
What I’m saying is, the dark carbon fiber rods buff is weak compared to how much the item costs, especially when much cheaper rods can offer similar performance. Most people don’t go fishing to look stylish, they go fishing to profit.

Dark Carbon Fiber rod has been made for those who like fishing …and flexing.

No i didn’t.

People might see it as weak, but i see it as good, aswell as the price itself.

  • Remember you aren’t surposed to get this rod in no time.

  • You might need to be an Old Fisher, that already have the Carbon Fiber Rod, and have worked the way to CFR and Fishing Gear, or atleast have the value if you sold it, to buy it back, then work your way to Dark Carbon Fiber Rod.

  • Get enough “Profit” as people call it these days, and then you will have to Sacrifice your CFR (Sell) in order to buy DCFR.

It is costy to get that Little Buff, but in the end, it’s worth it. :slight_smile:

Well it doesn’t need to be buffed because it looks cool and that’s enough of a buff. Well it kind of deserves a buff but later when everyone has dark stones it is going to be a lot easier to get and cheaper.

dark stones cost alot. getting 20 of them even cost more than 5pl so is not worth it, exept when its buffed its worth it

Think about it as a bonus, you are not doing a level 5 mine for dark stones. It’s just a side prize bonus. You are doing Level 5 mine for Pocket watch and Gems.

not everytime you get pocket watch. if you are lucky you get 2 in a mine that’s my best. if your not lucky you’ll get 0 in 12 mines instead

12 x Level 5 Mines for 1 Pocket Watch is very normal. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hence why the buff isn’t rewarding enough. If you’ve already gone far enough to get the dark carbon fibre rod, then why not just go for a higher reward instead?

If you’ve worked your way to these items, and want to upgrade strike speed, then you’d likely be rich enough to invest in a flawless fiberglass rod anyway, along with various strike speed-oriented accessories.

It’s just an upgrade, to get the best of the best.
No one said it was going to be cheap.
In my opinion it’s worth it for the buff.

It doesn’t need to be cheap, the buff is just weak for how much effort it takes to obtain. From what I know, you need to do around 142 successful level 5 mine runs (collecting every nugget) to get the dark carbon fiber rod as quickly as possible. For the small buff, is that really worth it? The time and effort could just be spent fishing instead, which could then be invested into other, possibly more effective fishing gear.

Like i’ve said above:

Are you talking about the price of the item, or the method that’s used to obtain it though?