Buff the mining wheel

The mining wheel is pretty underwhelming imo, like why are there lures and nether scrolls there? anyone who mines seriously will never use those and will probably trash them.I have a few suggestions to how to make the wheel better. I put a red dot above every item that should be removed from the wheel and a pink dot above every item that you should get more of when the picker lands on it.

On tier 1
You should get 3 of the rusty nails
3 of the boots
2 of the ropes
2 of the tin cans

On tier 2
You should get 10 of the ropes
10 of the tin cans
5 of the buckets
5 of the matchboxes

On tier 3
You should get 20 of the buckets
20 of the matchboxes
10 of the golden teeth
5 of the silver coins

On tier 4 you should get 50 of the dark nuggets
50 of the platinum nuggets

Also before commenting just think about how rare tier 3 and 4 are lol

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Imagine being so lucky, you got someone’s decaying tooth, instead of getting a key that might get you a lot more decaying teeth.

I agree with removing the lures and nether scrolls but not the keys. I personally liked getting the keys and nuggets as i feel i can sell them.

Getting lures is just pain especially when it just 1 of each lure

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waste of my very few inventory space

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I agree that it should be buffed a little bit. There are just things that aren’t worth 7mins of being inside the mines. Such as the lures… those are a really poor prize compared with the other prizes on their tiers.

I also second that. Yes, I’m also one of those people who trash the one lure because I run out of inventory space while spinning ^.^ And I am a fisher as well.

I just noticed something that buying tokens in gem will greatly reduce the chance of getting 3-5 stars