[BUG] Ah yes, A world with over 50 players


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Yeah this has existed since the game first came out… Idk about the vip thing because it has never gotten to 60, but it goes to 52-55 because many players are trying to join at once.

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Not sure when that screenshot was taken, but there have been some moderators in the world, which could explain it being more than 50 but not by a lot.



As one of VIP players, that is false.

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the biggest amount of players was 63 and it was in world BUY once Possible wanted to break record.

I’m quite sure moderators/developers bypass the world limit, so I’m speculating there are 2 (or more) mods in that world

I’d assume, like others have said, that is a by product of 2 additional moderators being in the world. Moderators and admins alike don’t abide by the world limit and are able to enter a world regardless.

Actually im pretty sure the biggest amount of players in a world was over 90 or even 100
It was last summer when this one dude with a lot of WLS did a fake quitting giveaway and even jake showed up and hosted a spleef


Oh yeah I remember, if i remember correctly his name was Dartan or something, as much as i remember there was like 50

cough :mask:

Mods and admins are able to enter worlds which are full and bypass the limit

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