BUG from new bundle

i purchased the new bundle and after the transaction i have not got the gems and the new turbo sleigh please help

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Send the recipt and all details to the support email: Support@kukouri.com There they can help you with this issue.

we already did but still no response

Yeah support can be fairly slow to respond. Do not fret they will look at it.

i hope they can fix this asap because we would like to purchase for our little brother’s account too bcause when we tried using same email it says that i already purchased this item

The reason that it’s using the same email. Google Play/Apple App Store see it as a one-time purchase and therefore since it is bought on one account, you might have to use a different email in order to purchase the bundle.

but we already did that when we purchased flaming wings last month both account used same email

Oh that is interesting.

It’s only been 1 Hour, give them atleast some more time.

I have the same problem, I thought to refund money, but I came to the forum to solve the problem. Did you buy it from the microsoft store?

We are on it. Let us know your in game name and the GPA. code from the receipt and we will fix it :slight_smile: Send those to the support@kukouri.com

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Also, any additional info about the incident would be useful. Mainly, what happened during the purchase? A disconnect or a crash perhaps?

İ didn t disconnected , game is said me kukuori can t verified purchase.

Hi what happens is after the purchase the 3 bundle suddenly dissapeared. The game took our balance and we didnt get the bundle also when the 3 bundles came back again we tried to puchased for our little brothers account with the same email but it says that “you already purchased this item”

Hi jake my older sister xenami already send it to support@kukouri.com like 2 times 2 hours ago and still no responce

I got the bundle now
Thank you very much for the quick responses
We are happy that we recieve the bundle now thank you

didn’t come to me why i paid With microsoft store

? Then just use a different email.
:swan: *hOnK