Bug : kicked out from world while giving rights

I tried to give rights to a clan member that was not elder in a fishing world @HALIGLER (the name world) and I kept getting kicked from world, but when I tried to give rights to elder I did not get kicked out from the world. this is very annoying because i need to promote the clan member to elder then demote it back to member.

does anyone knows how to fix this?

Sounds like small bug, so you can’t repair it… Wait for dev’s reply.

Tried reproducing this but couldn’t. What’s the setup like? You are the owner of the fishing world I assume. World rights or small lock rights? Minor or major rights? The fishing world is not a clan world, right? Are you the leader of the clan? What’s the kick like, do you get sent to title screen instantly?

What’s your account name and what was the account you were trying to grant rights?


I have a clan, and I made a fishing world for clan members. then i gave rights to a player called “shaifololgamer04” in a worldlock and everytime i tried to give minor rights to the clan member it always kick me to homescreen [ Login Error ]
I am the leader of the clan, and I tried promoting the member then giving rights but failed.
Trading world but failed.
Even the small lock for the ham radio, it kicked me out from the world.
But the other clan members worked, so i was confused by this bug.
Please fix this bug!

this looks like an interrogation. detective dev on the case.