Bug?not censored?

Why isnt this censored? some guy gmed, so I was curious why he was able to say that, and I could too.
new bug? what?

its not a bug, its just developers forgot censor it @Dev

It isn’t censored because sex may mean something like


did, you just, say, the word??!?!?, Imagine getting banned

Jake said sexual in the FAQ :man_shrugging:

Its for rules, and you, just said that, wth

If you say the word as in gender, its okay, but if you say it as in- yknow, then that is NOT okay

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Because why should it be censored?

same reason they censored gay and lesbian, because people never use it in a non-hostile manner.


Wow, it’s almost as if you didn’t even read my previous message at all.

Want to know a question I have… why is the word CRAP censored… but not CRAPPY? There is even a pic called Crappy Picaxe.


That’s probably outdated. They have no reason to censor it. Jerk was also censored and when they added green/red jerks as fishing bait, there were too many complaints. There hasn’t been enough complaints for crap yet for them to make a change. It’s probably gotten me warned a few times though.

I will type like “Well that’s crap.” and people are like “OMG OMG HE SWORE HE SWORE!”


Just cuz “Well that’s crap.” comes out as “Well that’s ****.” let’s their little minds run wild at the thought of it being a bad word.


The word “kum” in bulgarian means “to” but its censored because people will take it as something else that you all know well


cum in latin means with

And how in Romanian is also… that. Many words in other languages have different meanings, which come out as inappropriate things for english speakers. And like VLADIMIRWarrior said, people used ‘‘kum’’ for different purposes.

To be fair as well. Lots of words may seem inappropriate. But really aren’t inherently bad words.
Sex - Isn’t a bad word. But used in certain context/sentences. It can become inappropriate.
but if you think of it like that… hundreds of words can be used inappropriately.

That’s because we’re too lazy to change to cyrillic