Bug with the new VIP item?

Why it have a red square and the other items don’t ?

it has a red border as it is considered a weapon (check the stats). if you were to search up other weapons (such as Flame Sword) in the PWE, they have a red border as well.

Weird is that it’s not really looks like a weapon…

Oh really?..


I mean… it’s more looks like a outfit than a weapon for me and should be categorized as a clothe not a wepaon.

My guess is that it uses the weapon slot since that is the only slot which will display in front of everything layer wise. For example, if they made it a shirt, the arm would show over it. And the PWE simply groups it with the masks, by the looks of it.

Hmm… that’s still weird anyways that it’s categorized as a weapon…


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it is what it is :smiley: , i don’t mind it being a weapon though

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You haven’t seen the power of the soil in action :japanese_ogre: