Bugs with Clan Quests in the quest menu

There are two potential issues with clan quests currently which aren’t listed in the bugs mega-thread:

First off, the quests shuffle around every time you re-open the menu.
First time:

Second time:

The other is that the colour of the clan quests seems a lot brighter this update. Previously, they looked like a darker green (image from @Yjust):


I knew that this wasn’t my eyes or my screen that was glitching out…

Im going to be blind with the brightness of that green. Back to the regular brightness settings.

Yeah it shuffle everytime i open the quest menu, it happens llike before this update ig, this update have many bugs

Sometimes my clan quests disappear :confused:

Oh right, not sure if it’s actually a bug or not but if you log out, log in to a different account (doesn’t need to be in a clan), log out, then log in to your main account in a clan the clan quests won’t show up until you join the clan world. Not really a bug deal for me since I don’t play with multiple accounts but for some this could be a little frustrating.

Ohh thanks for filling me in