Builder Bot by Editson

Builder Bot would be usefull feature I think what do you guys think about it?
:warning: Scam Protection: You can’t place block on it if there is dropped items.

In game view



what does it do? I don’t get what you mean by its useful

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damn this can be realy usefull for people who like to build worlds

it will be much easier to make pixel art with this

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You can fly everywhere with bot but your character will stay on ground while you building on air.


this would be nice to have!

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would like to see that soon!


This is crazy! :open_mouth:

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It’s nice but they most likely won’t add this because we got mounts already.

This is crazy! Where do you do this kind of arts what are you using sir

Isn’t a mount almost the same?

@Penguin He actually created this before mounts came out

lol my bad (20 Characters)

mounts isnt the same,sorry if this is really late lol ive just been really busy,anyways with that bot the bot will just remain flying instead of falling down everytime u dont hold the up button

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