Burning Crown

I made a burning crown.


Good names could be

  • Burning Crown
  • Crown of the Phoenix
  • BBQ Hat
  • Torch on head

Alternate name could be ‘BBQ hat’. Cool design in my opinion.


The fire has nice design.

Maybe change the crown color to be more red-ish and orange-ish?

How long did you make it and How long have you been learning Pixel Arts? Sorry to ask, just started to take interest in Pixel Arts.

In total it took maybe 1,5h to come up with the design and animate it.

I’ve been doing some pixel art for the past 4 or so years, but have started taking it more seriously in the past ¾ years.

I misread the title as “Burning Clown” lol


I see :ok_hand:

Wow, I just started 3 days ago so I can’t make anything and I am still confused until now lol.

Can you suggest to me a good recouse?

Campfire hat
Torch crown
Chandelier hat
Cooking hat

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What do you mean by “recouse”?

Mindaw means Recourse


lol sorry.

Resource as in what context?
Art program or what?

about where did you learn Pixel Arts. :slight_smile:

Most was self-learning tbh. Though I have watched tutorials from YouTube from several different creators, watched pixel art livestreams from channels for example Vimlark.
I also participated in the Blocktober last year (a yearly pixel art challenge for the month of October).

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Okay, thanks Ghustie!

I love “BBQ Hat” lol. Epic items with goofy names are totally underrated.