Button to Claim after you have Collected or Claimed

  • Remove its just pretty sad thing what was added in game at start.
  • If you Shutdown game and start you allready have it in inventory.
  • It will not bring more happiness in game to spend extra clicking each time to Claim stuff.

Suggestion is simple as top of part writen - Remove button to Double confirm Claiming.

then how are we going to see what item we got :laughing:

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I really don’t understand what this suggestion is about
Call this reply off-topic or spam, but anyways mind explaining what you’re tryna say?

You allready have details here - Claim bytes amount could be writen in other way, without Claim button.

So instead of looking at actual issues ingame you’re complaining about an extra click…

That menu isn’t even useless like really


It gives extra information about provision and deposit because you do not receive 194 byte coins as you see in the first picture. I would argue that it reduces unnecessary confusion.

Actually those little things you’re talking about is quite helpful for me, as I have a memory of a goldfish. I often forget things, so that thing helps me to remember how much I sold my items.

Confirmation has probably saved millions of unwanted lost bytes, if that’s what he’s suggesting to remove then I think this forum has gone to the brink of insanity

Only Info (if wanted) possible with original Claim tab in PWE. Not forced Claim for nothing

This same with Boosters, u can shut down game and start … u will have items in inventory did u open Claim tabs or not

This will be last suggestion i will write in PW for really long time.
I am pretty angry about todays Lies.
If Info was bring back event from 2021 - Reality would have revealed instantly at Maintenance start… no It happend 3,5 hours later when maintenance was over → Had to find something to explain upset members of PW.