Buy Dark Jet Pack

Buy Dark Jet Pack for 390 (Or more wls idk just give me ur price or something)

When the impostor is sus


make it 400 and ill buy one and sell to you.

On a serious note, go to buy, most of the 1 pl - pog pl item sellers are there


I can buy one for u… In exchange that i get to keep extra wl :sunglasses:

Yeah just do that bro and end my suffering (Also please don’t say the extra is like 1pl)

nah like 10 wl :slight_smile:

gimme wl and i will hunt for u until i find the one, the only seller of dark jetpack, and then i’ll make them pay… OOoh ill make them wish they never had the item. I will follow them in the dark and drink their bloo- ok sorry i was hiding my intentions, anyways gimme 4pl and i will buy it for cheap as possible and give u

Oh shoot you didn’t say you had to lend 4 pls afterall I can’t do that since I have work to do, wait

oh ok

Or i can spam gm for you with my gems

Well don’t do that yet, I sitll have to practice presenting schoolwork with my friends


Make it all monke and you get A+. Hey bud im telling the truth

This gave me a A+

Veritasium :moyai:


Oh yea, that guy. No i searched this up

Or can you find a seller and tell him to join the forums so I can dm him?

mmm maybe… At a good price

I’ll give you 15 - 20 wls if u find a 390 - 405 seller

Or even more I guess

@Desti ok spam gm in ASIAWORLD (or find me a seller)