Buy deflectors need tons

buy deflectors 20 bytes each i need alot of them!

Sadly i recently sold all of them, and i had a lot of them.

oof i need over 100 of them

For what are you needing them? Like making parkour or something? Just curious.

working on a mini game

O.O really interesting, what’s the world name which is under construction? What is that mini-game about?

world is currently under construction not playable yet but the world is gamesofpw2 is a mix between
Jetrace, Freaky flames (From gamesofpw) and defector spleef. it will be a changing parkour with deflectors!

Really cool! How much wiring did you use on making such concepts in the world? Like how much gems did it all cost? The main world and the second world together.

Some of the older games costed a lot of gems to make as wiring used to be really expensive. Gamesofpw is costed about 40k+ gems is my estimate. Gamesofpw2 so far 10k+ gems have been spent on the mini games. If you want to include scrapped mini games maybe 50k+ gems in total from gamesofpw! This is wiring estimate world costed a lot more with some of the other things in it!

welp im out unless i get sled since getting the stuff to make planes are such a pain with the stupid limit they put

You won’t need a jet to play this, it will feel like jet race a little but without the jets

what tf how does that work

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Elijah I have like 50 deflectors I’m pretty sure I sell to you

rn i need super deflectors now do u have?