Buying 1k golden mining keys


I got tons of bytes. I buy them 700 bytes each.

Dm me or reply if you have some that i can buy.

buying your plat keys then

I won’t sell the plat keys i will get from these keys because i will also use them to get the wings of the deep

wont be enough
sell it to me
thats not human anymore
gonna die and no one wants that
dont do it
sell the plat keys to potato guy

I see your making a new using 1k mining keys video.

No i won’t… it will be useless because it will be the same content… this gonna be for my personal profit not for a video…

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dang sorry then :sweat_smile:

Bump: I still need 936 keys.

I now buy them for 750 bytes each

Rebump: I need 823 keys

900 bytes each.

I mean I knew you liked to torture yourself with challenges but this?..


I already did 1k silver keys sooo 1k gkeys is the same thing lol

Right now you’re doing 1000 golden keys, then you need to do 1000 platinum keys for WOTD :skull:

Bump: I still need like 150 more keys… Soooo 900 bytes each

Dm me or smth if you got some… why gkeys are so htf btw…

Because you’ve bought them all

Oh yea… that’s probably why…

It could be just the same reason the keys have rised in price, most likely more people have started mining lately.

Say you have 700k bytes and lots of free time without saying you have 700k bytes and lots of free time


How is your fingers going?

After recycling worth 5m gems of clothes , they were really tired, now they took rest and they are fine now.

Thanks for worring about my fingers lol

Thank you for single handedly rising mining profitability

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