Buying city world names

I’m working on a huge world project and i need city world names for this and I don’t wan’t to spend too much wls on this. put world name and how much you want to sell it for!

Depends what country cities u want.

I can give one to you for free (just pay for the world lock xd) since I don’t need them.

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That would be really appreciated. :+1:

Hmm… I own world LASVEGAS. :star_struck:

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If you want to sell it how much would you sell it for?

I have both worlds Minneapolis and St. Paul
Aka Minnesota main cities

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How much would you want to sell them for?

I don’t know the prices but how much would you buy them for

If you wan’t ill buy the world SAN_FRANCISCO, if you want to sell it.

Are you still looking for one?

yes im still looking for some.

How does “Vermont” sound?

Isn’t that the state

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Yep, but I figure nothing wrong with giving him that option

ENGLAND nfs sorry bruh


Bump, still looking for some city world names

Just how much for each city name

not sure no one has really given me any offers they want for the worlds.

15 wls muahahahah …

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