Bye, Pixel Worlds. Hello, Closedverse

Yet again I used the Closedverse closure screen to make an information board about NewPW.

Judge the new devs without seeing their work at all, that’s definitely the right thing to do! :smiley: :smiley:


Have you ever heard of the expression you sound like a broken record?

You have made this statement countless times. There’s nothing wrong with having an opinion I just think your wasting your time.


Here is also that image as a webpage:

You may be asking “why I hosted it on Neopets”. Well, it is the only simple HTML hosting site that I know and have an account on.

And because it is Neopets, there are a crapton of stupid filters and stuff, that’s why it doesn’t have the blue color or dropdowns.

Also, the “click here to play NewPW” link originally linked to these forums, but the filter insisted on the link being to the Neopets homepage.

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I was really hoping that was real. I went to go check :frowning:


pseudoscience at its finest. ondrashek i appreciate you but goddamn dont take everything so seriously and have an optimistic view on things


I can’t wait to see what you think when the new devs are actually good


Probably more baseless accusations and assumptons

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Don’t you realize you’re like practically the only one who is pessimistic about the new developers? We haven’t even got to know who the new devs are and here you are, spitting these snarky remarks about how bad the game is gonna be. We don’t KNOW yet so PLEASE stop doomposting on the forums. I’m speaking this on behalf of everyone else. And because you doomposted, here’s my gift for you

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Most likely, and he’ll try to move away from the rants he’s made in the first place

bro wrote a paragraph analysing and rehashing what other people have said on an image :skull::skull::skull:

Telling Ondra to be optimistic is like trying to turn a wall into a floor.

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Heheh. I’m just annoyed at his constant pessimism so I wrote this. Oh well (^:


Neopets in the worst example you can give

Example? I only hosted the site on Neopets.

I was right yet again. Seen any update since the original dev team left?

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