Bye Yuna

My sister let’s me borrow her 4 months progress tiktok account since im a good boy she told me not to expose but i will. Its pretty alot of followers. I wish she just study no more playing. Look followers im famous :rofl:

The link provided there is Pixel Worlds link hmmmm do my sister earning?

Hinata is hot tho :fire::fire:

we already knew she had a lot of tiktok followers…

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how did you know? Stalkerrr

she made a topic can you be an influencer in pixel worlds if you ha
ve tiktok

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influencering? she told that too. When i sleep with her, she told me that if she became an influencer she’ll help people in need and thats wicked she made me laugh :joy::joy:not wicked more likely lunatic

I wish she just study no more playing.

But, you have an ingame account yourself.

none at all :joy: wkskkxkwkwkxl

Either way, unmotivative way to tell someone to study.
That makes them not want to (Just how many in my neighborhood did)

She does want because she promised me to quit the game if she failed :joy_cat::joy_cat:


Are you responsible enough to hold on accounts? since you hold her tiktok. make sure to make it active.
dont need to blur the tiktok because we already know >

Really hope she goes back soon.

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How’d you know?..

I have 30 diff videos to post in a month provided by yuna

because she told me her tiktok. and faved the link so no one can stop me.

alrighty them. make your fans proud!

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