Byte coin toll door

i have returned again and am bored

the devs and admins don’t care about us

here’s a money grabbing idea for them… a toll door

owners can set the price on said door in order to steal, scam, rob allow players to access a certain area until they leave the world for a custom fee

bc goes to owner, owner spends bc, the cycle continues

and the masses? they must buy bc with their hard earned gems or scavenge it like usual

yes this is a troll post but u won’t know that until you read until the end and click this

imagine they actually added this to the game just to spite me… my words will come back to haunt me :weary:


Well… this will be used for scams sooo it’s not really a good idea at all…

okay… what else is new? tell me something productive that i haven’t heard before

Everything is dropping due to the byte coin store…

yeah, that’s the biggest scam tbh big sadge moment

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how about, max fee is 50? limit the damage of toll scams

Unironically one of my favorite suggestions

CEO mindset suggestion.

its kinda like buying vip in fishign world

This seems pretty interesting. As for how players would use this for, I still have no idea. But maybe some more creative players already have several wild imaginations on how to use this. I don’t think this is anything sketchy either. The idea of “pay to pass” has existed since pre-PW, and the developer does not seem to mind that.

Couldn’t you put like four doors in worlds like both, you’ll just be put in an endless loop of passing doors and paying byte until you close your game.
Great idea though, but theres alot of ways it could be abused in.

I mean, people would just outright abandon the world and not pay anything if they see sketchy stuff…

How to get pro in 1 minute =
Set up Fan and Vortex
Lead vortex to a vertical loop of doors
Player falls through door after door
Profit :troll:

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technically no one can pass unless the toll is paid for… basically it’s locked until payment is complete

possible and BOWNS are gonna set up a ton of these doors in all of their trade worlds :slightly_smiling_face:


bruh don’t jinx it, this is a troll post


It probably will be best if the player right clicks the door, clicks a button and then pass like that

Imagine the amount of Pay 2 play spleef worlds would come outta this lmao