Byte currency fixes

Since the devs have announced that world locks will officially be untradeable, that means bytes will be the main currency in the game.
Here are some issues and suggestions.

PWE Provision - There should be a fix on the provision as people will lose too much from it.

Suggestion 1: There could be a cap amount on the provision. For example maximum provision is 100k Just an example as it still comes down to the devs.

Suggestion 2: The higher the amount it’s up for, the lower the provision becomes. For example at X amount/price, the provision becomes 1%.

You can argue about it being added so that there’ll be no inflation but on how things are now, this just wouldn’t cut it.
Why? Alot of people who are selling high priced items will just avoid selling it in PWE as it is just too taxing, so it wouldn’t actually be taxed at all.

These are also some stuff that increase the chances of inflation that needs a fix:

Byte rewards from quests- I suggest that it gets lowered or changed into another prize.

Recycling event- This is a source of profiting from alot of people and yes fixing this will affect many. The Devs can either remove this event or change the prize from the recycler. This event makes bytes really unstable while it’s on.

There should also be new ways to use bytes or that need them.

  1. You have an option to Global Message using gems or byte coins.
  2. Monthly Community item(s) that can be bought using bytes. (This also gives a chance for the past designs to be actually brought to the game)

These are just the stuff i just thought of. Feel free to reply your thoughts and suggestions.

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I’m against this, and there are various reasons to this. The first one is that nobody is required to trade using PWE system. This means if some individuals think the fee is too much for them, then they do have the option to go into trade worlds and do their fun stuff right there.

Another reason is that PWE is a luxury, not a right. It’s a luxury item meant for people who want to cut through all the painful trading system including finding buyer as well as negotiation. This system is for people like that, and those people are expected to pay a certain sum of money (10% service fee) for whatever they are selling. This essentially balances thing and not make people to be very reliant to PWE (don’t be lazy if you want to keep your money) while at the same time providing means for those who don’t mind paying the premium.

I have seen people arguing that an item of 1,000 BC with 100 BC fee may be reasonable but an item worth of 1,000,000 BC will make them subject to 100,000 BC fee. While the amount may look high, you need to understand that the system “works harder” to make you, the seller, and them, the buyer, meets. Keep in mind that your listing is up there 24/7 for 3 days straight trying to get the 1% potential buyer out there in the entire game versus an item of 1,000 BC which has significantly huge buyer (70% or more). In this instance, you are not only paying for the luxury of “drop and forget” your item, but actually have the system “work” in getting that 1% potential buyer—something that would normally take days for you to make a sale should you do it manually in trade world being exposed to only 30 to 49 other players at maximum capacity.


Yes it is a luxury but it would just take too much bytes from you if it’s sold for a high amount. Anyways I do agree with your point, but i still think it should be reduced the higher the item is.

Pwe was added to help with the difficulty of trading, initially they added tax to deal with over-saturation of wls, not because it makes trading easier.

I’d rather them have new ways to spend bytes and more limited items like the elite watergun, instead of having to lose 40PL from provisions by selling my dark pixies wings.
Saying “you’re not forced to use PWE” is a counterintuitive argument that ruins the point of thousands of players who use expensive items in the market, and those players are already hard enough to find


Yes, there are other ways that can be done to prevent it than the tax system we have now.

I disagree. It is an option that is available to general public for them to think when to use it to the best of their circumstances. Remember that this is not an idle-money-making simulator. There must be a plus point in doing it manually and having to have some form of social interaction with others. It makes trading more convenient for people who just want it to be done. But that does not make them entitled to use it for free. For every convenience, there is some sort of fees.

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I do not see any statement of removing the tax though as I know it’s there for a reason. What i was suggesting is a cap or for it to be lowered the higher the price of an item.

I am aware. I do think that there should be no reason to lower it down though since you are getting what you pay for. Finding that 1% population who may or may not buy that expensive item takes a lot longer than selling 100 Doors, for example.

Let’s go with Neo’s example of 400PLs which is 10m bytes. You’ll be losing 1 Million bytes just to sell the item.
From what I understood, you are saying that you pay the tax for it to be up for 3 days and the chance of people to actually buy it. Going by this, it would also be unfair as the lower priced items pay a lower tax for the same chance and sale time than the higher priced ones.
It would be like you sell Dark Pixies for 10 Million, you pay 1 million for the sale time and chance.
But you only pay like 40 Bytes to sell Pixies.

Yes it’s messy and it seems like I wasn’t clear with my point

I agree with commanderer

I never sell an item worth more than 50 wls on pwe because losing 5wls just isn’t worth it

Benefits of lower taxes

Expensive items would be on pwe think about it if there is wls around how will we calculate the price of expensive items if their trade value isn’t available.

My suggestion for taxing

1000 BC. Tax 100bc
10000 BC. Tax.800bc
100,000bc tax 5000bc
1,000,000bc. Tax 25000bc
10,000,000. Tax 200,000bc

Now some solutions for the problem of byte price manipulation

-if an item is bought within 30 minutes of it being put
On pwe you can still buy it but it doesn’t show up on the trade value. Reasons why this would work: if you are manipulating a cheap items price it will take you
To have to log on every 30 minutes 20 times over a span of 10 hours but probably more like 13 nobody would be exact and chances are in those 13 hours many of those items would be sold messing up your graph

Sometimes people manipulate items to be cheap the Devs could make a 100k sale cap on really exp items so that wouldn’t happen (I’m not sure how hard that would be)

But this isn’t really necessary because your not gonna trick anyone into selling their dp for 60 byte coins.

Lastly manipulating for example 4pl items to fill the whole graph it costs 4pl and since nobody sells many exp items on pwe their won’t be much benefit.

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Or maybe just what append suggested somewhere, make the transactions through order be separate from transactions through buy or sell.

Actually, higher priced items are just as easy to sell as lower prices items. There’s way more than enough bytes for that. The only reason people don’t do it is because the loss is way too much.
So essentially, most of PWE is just used to buy booster items which are otherwise impossible to find. Items sold tend to be a PL or less.

Despite this game not being a “money making simulator” the game is highly reliant upon it, and pixel worlds can’t keep destroying more bytes as it’s clearly taking away more bytes than there are being put into the game eveen with recyclers and quests.

PW was a game made specifically to be run by the economy, and the devs make it heavily loaded with limited items that become super rare, and an entire system around it, and the only way for those players to buy them is to get them from that player.

PWE wasn’t made so people can “pay to sell things faster.”
It was made to be a better alternative to the vending machines from GT.

Correct, and whether that is worth your time + effort is completely subjective, thus having the option to either opt in and use the service or not. Should you think it is “too much” for you, then go ahead and spend the time, however long or short it takes, in the trade world and do your thing. My argument is based on the fact that this is not meant to replace trading. This is a convenient alternative to those who, for some reason, cannot or do not want to spend their time in trade world trying to test their luck whether there’s even one player out of 49 who’s willing to pay their price.

Finally, remember that this game isn’t meant to be a be-rich-idle-tycoon simulator. It’s based on social, and there should be a benefit to going out of your way and actually spend time and patient talking and perhaps convincing people to buy your item.

No I was talking about what i understood from what Append said that the provision is payment for your item to be up on pwe for 3 days and for the chance of the 1%

and for what reason do they implement it here for other than to provide an alternative to those who are willing to “pay to sell things faster with little to no effort”? This game is not trying to be a one-on-one with Growtopia. If this game implements something, there is a reason behind it other than “GT has one, so we have one too”. It can be the same as Growtopia, or it can be slightly different. My take on your argument is that it is indeed made to have a property similar to Vending Machine to some degree while limiting how powerful the feature is. It is made in a way so that people are not to be very reliant on it because, once again, the game is not about playing solo and selling item on some virtual exchange only to collect it a couple hours later and repeat. Trading is a huge part of Pixel Worlds, but it is not the sole star of the entire game.

Yes people are made to rely on it, that’s why they’re forcing us into making world locks untradeable. They aren’t limiting its power, they’re taxing us because they don’t have enough features that bytes are used for.
Nobody should need to be forced to sit in a trade world for 10 hours trying to sell an item when you claim the game isn’t meant to be a rich-idle-tycoon simulator.

Once you run out of things to do, which you inevitably will, playing solo and selling items on some virtual exchange is a last resort for most of us players.

There’s no social benefit to trading in a game full of mouthfoaming kids. In all my years of playing and trading, I have learned nothing and had no experiences but negative ones. The only satisfaction you get is from selling an item you’ve been trying to sell for ages, instead of actually being able to enjoy the game .
The most you’d probably get out of it is some child cursing you out for selling an item for 1 wl too much for his budget.

Quite inaccurate. They never make you to become reliant on it. If some do, then it’s on them. Should this be the case (game devs wants players to use mainly PWE), then there’d be little service fee to promote even more use of it as well as providing extra slots.

That’s true, and it is the case. Not a single person is forced to sit for 10 hours trying to sell an item. However, they are given the option to either sit and do stuff or pay the premium and leave the item on the global virtual exchange (PWE) for everyone to see.

There is still social interaction as well as hardwork being put instead of just leaving it to the system to handle all the work for you.

That’s an issue with the community in general, and I believe that people should be a bit more educated in a sense that not everyone will sell or buy things at exactly XX amount. However, it is still a form of interaction and you actually play the game by trying to sell things.

Interesting so ordered items wouldn’t show up on the trade value that could work since people order cheap items and that messes up the value as well.

Also append about that fee for a 100pl item the tax should be around 2pl which is still a hefty fee for just selling an item instead of 10pl.

The Devs should make it so the fee is fair for an easy sale but not so much that people would avoid selling items over 1pl.

How is hard work a positive social interaction and how does that benefit anyone at all?
Why must people be forced to lose hundreds of wls in a PWE just because they don’t want to deal with the toxic community and long wait times? You said players should have freedom in this game, this ain’t freedom.

What point is there to try so hard to keep a tax that nobody likes, instead of making it just has hard for people to choose whether or not to use the PWE by actually adding more features and content that requires bytes?
This tax benefits buyers, but not the sellers, which is bad enough as is.
Why do you insist on having features that do not benefit everybody, behind the logic of “just don’t do it” instead of supporting an idea that benefits all players?

P.S. forced player interaction is a seven deadly sin of MMO’s