Byte Deflation Issue

Remember that thread I made about Dark Pixies going to half price?

Well apparently it wasn’t only DP. Nobody told me this though. I haven’t traded in a long time because it’s been harder and harder to trade and now I see why.

All the items are dropping in price. So I was initially right in my other thread, with the byte store and tax, bytes are at an all time low. Not only is it impossible to sell certain items, with the tax always having been a pain in the neck, and the new byte store sucking away millions of bytes, I think it’s about time PWE the tax should be adjusted.


I don’t really think this is an issue if every item is dropping. If both a dark pixie wing and tormentor wing are dropping to half of it’s value beforehand, is that really a loss? From my perspective, a few people gain but nobody loses

They don’t all drop at the same value. Tormentor mask is almost half a dp now

Never really looked into that specific item, but fair enough. I think the deflation is still good though, considering that when world locks were the main currency things were rising way out of hand just because they were never removed from the game. But, I’m curious, how would you change this? Only PWE taxes?

Perhaps. I always thought the tax was stupid. I don’t think they did any research in the amount of bytes or the economy. I was hoping players could civilly discuss it in the comments. It’s harder to sell items for normal price, and buying the ones you want are often overpriced as well.

I’d definitely say that with the byte shop the tax could possibly be lowered, but I still think it should be there. Maybe something like 5% no VIP (how it was before), 3% with VIP, and -1% with that event

Oh yeah it shouldn’t be removed, I just think there should be a cap. So I don’t need to spend over 50PL just to sell an item.

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