Byte store became a joke [ITEMS DROPPED]

First of all , this new winter byte store has the intention to drop some stuff, just assuming , that from an item worth 10k goes to 1999bc. Also , do note to read everything before replying.

First item judged is the Weather Globe - Northern Lights
This new globe took its first appearance in 2020.
The price of this item was 10k + when it wasn’t in the shop, and originally was 45000 gems.
Now to see getting sold for 1999bc annoys me, knowing 1999bc is 19999 gems. Its half the original price in gems.

Then we have the Soda Jetpack that is 400k (40k bc) worth of gems, and its price is around 24k to 29k.
The new price in byte store is 19999bc.

Onto the next item , we have the Winter Orb that its original price in shop is 10k gems (1k bc) , and usually selling for around 800-1000bc.
The new price of it is 499bc

Demon wings as well, usually selling for 600-750bc but they decided to sell it for 499bc
Also , Turquoise Lenses are 22k gems , but they decided to sell it for 899bc (8990 gems)

The only items that didn’t got that much of a drop are the Alien Lenses & Frost Ring.


wow, why i didn’t wait til bc store was added and buy soda jetpack :man_facepalming:

@Dev @Jake @EndlesS Fix this ASAP


What do you mean? This is a steal! Super-expensive stuff that’d go for the 5 digits are now available to me in an affordable price point! Now, I get it. People like profiting off of stuff after all but to a poor boi like me this is a godsend! But to each their own.

Black Friday Sale?
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“Economy run by the community.” Well not anymore. I thought the primary objective of this feature is to add a way for players to easily obtain hard to find items not affect the prices and economy. Besides these items are easily bought from PWE and trading normally anyway, I don’t see the point of adding these in the byte coin store rather than artificially dropping the price. Tbh this is only ruining everyone’s trust on the developers, just a terrible move honestly.


If you where to buy bytes from the store it would cost you just under 320k+ gems to get 20k Byte Coins.
And Byte Coins have a higher value than Gems. I think the Jet Pack was fairly priced.
As for the weather. It’s not a limited item. Bringing it back is no problem at all. And the only reason the price was 10k~ is because players where manipulating the fact you cant get it at the moment. Overall orbs shouldn’t be hoarded. I also think adding the weather was a good idea. And is fairly priced.


Let’s be honest now , who buys bytes with gems? Those are used only in emergencies.

Also they do this to help keep the inflation of byte coins down. That’s also why we have a PWE tax. If players just used Byte Coins to buy gems. Then there is no reason to buy gems from the game store… which cuts profits from the game. It is a reasonable thing to do, to try and filter some one the players byte coins out of the game. Increasing the need from players to have to purchase things like the 50 BC for 800 gems.

Then what’s the point of trading these items anymore? Or trading in general if the developers will just do bold and mischievous actions that sabotages the economy and circulation of items? Yeah, it might be good for the game and increase the profits of the company to keep the game running. But does that really give a good impression to everyone? And was it really necessary in the first place? I don’t think byte coins are inflating that much anyway because of PWE tax and people buying items and exclusives on the byte coin store but in fact this will also devalue gems even more since people don’t need to use gems to get items from the store if it can be bought with bytes in the first place.


Maybe I am not 5head enough to see the issue…
They aren’t in the shop permanently. It’s like, you have 4 days to save yourself 5k byte coins or so and just buy it from the shop. Once it’s out, you’ll still have to buy it with gems from the shop.
By your argument, them doing black friday deals where they let you buy gems for discounted prices. Is just them being bold and mischievous and in fact is just harming the economy.
As for the weather, it was not a limited time event item or anything. It was here once before, is here now. And will be back in the future. Don’t see you talking about the Winter Orb being in the shop… it’s the same difference, no?

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I feel like a lot of players are just overly eager to jump to arms about things, without really thinking about said things.
The issue with the Byte Coin shop would ONLY come from them say, adding DP wings in for 1 mil BC. But if they added DP wings in for say, 30 mil BC. That would in fact RISE the price of DP wings, since they are selling for 10 mil and lower right now.

Any MMO in history has pretty much added unobtainable items or limited items back into the economy of the game in some way or another. From Runescape to Eve Online to even PW closest competitor Growtopia.

What happened to not putting commonly found items there…???

Personally for me, you can say stuff about inflation, dropping etc, whatever. But for people like me who aren’t rich and especially are lazy when it comes to the grind, stuff like this are helpful for us because we can get the cool item at a cheapo price. You may respond to me with criticism if you wish

Yeah , but you see, there are people that will buy tons of weather globe for half the price. Then there is the other people that will buy them for their original value or from the shop for 45k gems.
Some people are crazy in this game and will want to hoard and they get the profit smh.
This is just an easier way to get rich now I guess.
And people will abuse this .

Also , why you doing 3 replies in a row , when you can just put them in 1 reply

The store wasn’t made just from uncommonly found items. It was for any item currently in the game, released or unreleased. To be added into the shop, and purchasable with Byte Coins.

I semi agree with you. But the items really aren’t cheaper.

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@Jake could’ve just easily sold the items with the rate of bytes that is currently acceptable by the community and works well with the current economy that wouldn’t cause any problems. No problem could’ve arise if that was the case not only that it will also help with the inflation problem you mentioned since there’s still some people that would buy the items. People also often tend to sell items lower than the price set by the game, so this only made the situation worse. Some of these items are easily found in circulation anyway so adding them in the byte coin store in the first place was just a terrible move and pointless.

The weather for example. Is a 1 time use item. You cannot retrieve it once it’s used. So yes, you want to make some BC. Buy some of them for 2k. Wait a month after they are removed. And try to sell them for say 3k. But just note if you wait say… 3 months. There is the chance they will return again. And your investment will be for nothing.

3 different compiled thoughts.

He could have also just sold them in the PWE for cheaper. And people would have not thought twice about it. And it was an absurd price for the weather. Just because players figured it would be a while before it came back out again. All the devs did was shorten the time it took for it too come back out.