Bytie Giveaway

Hey everyone!

Since the year is starting off fine, I plan to host a giveaway. I understand that everyone is trying to get used with the new year and are trying their best, so I will make this fast.

The requirements you will need is:
- Level 20+
- More than 15 days old on the forums
- YOUR World with a Donation Box. (I will make an exception to players that cannot afford one.)

Grand Prize: an unnamed Bytie pet
Consolation Prize (for everybody who does not win): 1 world lock

How do I win?

The only thing you have to do to participate in this giveaway is to tell us YOUR story and thoughts about the game. How did Pixel Worlds impact your life? What was your most favorite update and what was your least favorite update THIS year? Explain. Lastly, What are you hoping for in Pixel Worlds in this new year, 2021? (It can be anything!) Also, don’t forget to put in your WORLD NAME!

One paragraph should suffice and grammar shouldn’t really matter. (However, a longer paragraph about your story and thoughts about the game will increase your chance in winning)

That is all, I can’t wait to hear your stories and interesting thoughts about the game. Winners will be revealed IN the forums. GOOD LUCK!

Winners will be announced in the forums on January 21st, 2021. Rewards will be given in on that day or the next day January 21st-22nd, 2021.

(Before you ask: yes, this is inspired from Artling’s thread and I give all the credit to him and asked him permission to c̶o̶p̶y̶ spinoff his thread.)


I mean, I won’t be expecting to win, but I’d be happy to tell my experience about the game.

Ever since I returned to playing PW as of 2020, it’s been a fun ride. Helping out clan mates, and chatting in the Discord server. It has… changed drastically over the past few years. When I first played it, back during International Launch, it was… weird. I was actually used to Growtopia’s graphics (way back when the game was actually good), and the jump height was really somewhat a let down. Made peers along the way (which most of them are inactive, sadly), but it was a fun little game to play during a break from Growtopia.

After being sick of how Ubisoft is slowly corrupting Growtopia, I’ve returned to play this game. I got used to the graphics, eventually, and profiting was somewhat easier. Events were also a fun surprise to me. Summer Cart events was pretty delightful. Broke carts together with close friends, and chat about experience along the way.

Pixel World’s Discord server is, well… chaotic. It was real fun to have friends, kill nether bosses together, talk about off topic stuff in #pw-chat and flex whenever we got a legendary from Secret Base. The feeling is somewhat… irreplaceable. It really did help me pass through quarantine, considering how boring it was to hear your teachers talk 24/7. It was somewhat, a getaway from reality. Both the game and discord server.

Now, for the updates…
If the main focus of the updates are boosters, well… consider it not an update. I just, do not like to play with RNG, considering how bad my luck is. This year, pets were probably my favorite. Although pets are considered dead by now, it’s actually hella OP if you manage to take care of them and they reach level 10. Since a level 10 pet could get you 2.5k gems (minimum) per adventure. I’m not complaining, that’s a pretty big profit:budget ratio. Not to mention that they’d give you keys that are usually worth 3/1 in PWE.

I’d just hope that the developers don’t become greedy, really. The reason of why I play Pixel Worlds is how determined the team are to make the game better. How they would listen to the community of the flaws of the game, and try to at least fix it. Let’s just hope that doesn’t change, and stay that way (It’s 17/01/2021, as of the time I’m writing this). For the game itself, I’d hope for the community to become better each day. Well, of course scammers and toxic players are never going to be permanently non-existent, but at least… make them a minority of the community. That’s all of what I’d hope for PW during the future.

I’d like to hear your experience too, @Horse. Do type in, if you do have the time. Thanks for reading


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This story looks very promising. Thank you for sharing.

As for me…
I started Pixel Worlds about 4 years ago because I got sick of the toxic Growtopia community, so when I joined Pixel Worlds, the community was very welcoming to me. The developers are also really responsive and constantly make amazing updates, so that’s also a plus. I have also made many friends, but for now, I am taking a break because of real life.

I have dropped off your World Lock in the first donation box to the right of your world (every reply gets a world lock regardless of whether it wins or not). Enjoy! And thank you again for replying to my thread.

Hmm, interesting. Seems like both you and me have something in common…

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Short story, really. i am a former growtopian player, although i got 7bgls max. my gt friends left me. ive decided to play pixel world, after playing just for a week. ive been enjoying more than gt then ive thinked its time to move on and just delete growtopia. pw is like another growtopia but better, pw might be a simple game but because the developers checking out suggestions or such, the game got improved. and because ive heard that the developers supports peoples suggestions then i made my forums an made alot of suggestions in forums and in discord.

The game thought me alot of things, like investing and being friendly. i like christmas but since ive started at dec 2020, who knows? mabye i might like some events.

i am hoping some of my suggestion gets added [new world for new players that gives more info for the game, player monitor an more] i really hope the game will be friendly till growtopia closes their game. and finally make up with my ingame enemies.

world inb4 oh wait i hve no donobox well if i dont win i dont mind, all i want is the winner will be happy

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Nice story. I hope you enjoy Pixel Worlds! I also agree with you, Pixel Worlds is much better than Growtopia in my opinion, haha.

I will DM you where I left your WL shortly…
thanks for replying to my thread!

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I should be the one saying thank you, because of the world lock you’ve given. i can finally buy my own farmables <3

thanks for being generous, and good luck for the winner.

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I was 12 or 13 when I first found pixel worlds on my iPad 4 years ago. I was a kid into video games and like games where you progress over time. I hadn’t known about Pixel Worlds but when I was scrolling through the App Store I saw it in recommendations because of the game I had called The Blockheads.

I joined Pixel Worlds when it was in the early medieval booster or the samurai booster. I didn’t think much of pixel worlds because my interest was still to The Blockheads. The first day I played PW I didn’t know anything and didn’t know what to do, so I started to grind. The second day of playing I lost my items to a trust test which I didn’t know was a thing because it never happened to me. I still played PW even after that because I started to enjoy playing it when I was able to become friends with other players.

4 years later I still play PW daily for hours and enjoy it too. I really enjoy the thought out updates and time spent into the updates for everyone. I really enjoy the small detail to things such as blocks or room designed like in the secret base. 2020 has been my luckiest year in PW because I gained 40 Pl from Halloween Blacktower.

I spend a lot of my time in pixel worlds joining active worlds and having long or short conversations with the people I meet. I usually join the worlds with 1 or 2 players assuming they will be new and I can watch them play and even help them figure stuff out like farming and ways to make wls. I spend other time playing with my friends which I’ve known some for over 2 years and have made special bonds with. Helping report worlds with rule breakers feels good to do aswell, especially when my help is recognized.

This is barely all of the things that have happened to me in pixel worlds but I fear it will get too long if I don’t end it. My World with a donation box is just SubOliverJ. This was fun to write and it was nice remembering the past!
I’m 16 now by the way!

first time i play this game was 2018.Then i forgot my username and password.I stop playing this game and when i got a new computer in 2020 i just remember pixel world so i download it and i made a new acc. i logged out again and forgot again so i making new acc now this acc was 216 days almost a year and i started my first video in youtube when i going to a
parkour.I got my first wing when i was 82 days and get sjp at 140 days.When first time i got scammed was when i was doing a nether and one of my friend ask me to get in to the world i got scammed my puffer fish legendary.Now i change my mind i hate fishing but now i love killing monsters and get loots for my way to profit.So i somethimes sell my rare stuff for wls for my profit

my world:vanotempatapi gl guys

Before I played pw I played a game of a similar genre called coaster town. I doubt many of you have even heard of it, much less played it. But that got me addicted to sandbox economy games for a while. I would play for the hour before school in the freezing cold, fishing in one of the popular worlds at the time. It got so bad that we couldn’t even catch anything from how numb our fingers were. I had fun doing that, but I kinda got tired of how repetitive pw is and quit once I moved away.

Edit: oh yeah my world is Skuh

Donation box at:XXSNORLAXXX
Before I tell my story I say why I should’nt win but get a extra wl.
I don’t want to win because other players might need it more and I have 2 familiars already to take care of.
Anyways I joined this game because my friends were playing it and gave it a chance. Somehow i wanted to profit more and more and started playing more active. Fishing,mining and even more fishing. I am happy with the game rn and the least best update was prolly jetrace in 2020.Even if jake said he doesn’t want it to die so fast, it died after a month. The best was prolly summer because i met so many new friends and stuff and breaking those carts is just fun. That’s why am hyped for 2021 summer update most too. I just want to see my summer friends being active again.

Anyways hope some new player wins that bytie and gl everyone.
(I just want 2 wls to buy myself the burgah finally)

aeaeae guess ill write then

My Pixel Worlds story is that I initially played because I heard my friends talking about it, but after a short while I quit, I didn’t really get far in the game. After a while though a lot of people in our friend group were playing the game, so I decided to go back to playing again. Most of my time in Pixel Worlds was in some way because of my friend, ign shadowoflol, and mostly so I could kind of just spend more time with them (or to try to get rich since they were worth a lot more than me), since a lot of the other things they do or play I don’t really have an interest in. The game though was fairly stressful since it’s an economy game, but the economy is all over the place, and I’m comically bad at keeping up with prices or buying/selling. My thoughts on the game, although I haven’t interacted with the community as a whole much, from what I can tell it seems fairly split. A lot of people seem to be nice and all, but theres a ton of people were are just toxic or, egotisitical, just plain obnoxious, or dramatic. The game can be fun with friends, although can get boring, but on your own, for me at least, it got quite boring. Although Pixel Worlds drama has, as pathetic as it is, caused drama in my friend group, it was nice to play with some of them regardless. I also only really see Pixel Worlds as something one should play in their free time, I used to grind a lot and there’s a ton of better things to spend your time on than fishing or mining or something of the sort for several hours straight.

For my favourite update, probably mining, since in terms of gameplay it’s probably the most in the game, aside from Netherworld. It seems really profitable and it’s more fun than fishing, since fishing is just standing there and waiting. (Although, I do prefer to fish overall since mining takes time, effort and skill, all things im lacking in.). As for my least favourite update, it would probably have to be the Ancient Times update/booster. There’s a couple of cool looking items from it, but overall I just don’t really feel like theres much to it, it’s a booster afterall. Plus in order to get anything from the Ancient Times update, you’d have to spend tens of thousands of gems and have good luck.

And lastly, for this new year, 2021, I’m hoping for maybe another major way of profiting. Fishing is casual and doesn’t take a lot of skill or effort, but that makes it boring, and mining is more focused on gameplay and takes some skill and takes a ton more effort, so I’m hoping for another major way of profiting that’s casual and doesn’t take a huge amount of skill/effort that has fun gameplay, but isn’t difficult or take a ton, sort of in between the two, that hopefully isn’t as repetetive as mining, if possible, mainly since I’m comically bad at things that take skill like mining and fishing is just plain boring. Sad :pensive:.

World: AxN137, hope I win ae

oh damn just realized today is my 15th day on the forums, I’m just barely elegible to enter, I probably should’ve checked that before writing three paragraphs but im still elegible so guess it doesnt matter

who won the giveaway

I think the forumers who have made the longest stories won.

@Horse who won the bytie

Probably himself :rofl: ok I joke’nt
It might be a secret

How Pixel Worlds had an impact to my life?
It was when I was boring scrolling down through PlayStore when I found Pixel Worlds way back 2017. Explored and discovered some stuff before I get to interact and actually make a move into the game itself.

Pixel Worlds, a game where I made alot of friendships not just that but trusts which are important . I play Pixel Worlds whenever I’am boring, on-free time, got nothing to do, this and that. My thoughts of Pixel Worlds is, its great as a whole, the community is good even though the community way back 2017-2018 were better, the service and other things.

My favorite update was probably the updates where such events were made that you can be with you friends, so basically Secret Base, Netherworld and stuff. When it comes to items probably Black Tower even thought I haven’t been there more often after the 1st blacktower. My least favorite update is probably nothing, every update affects the game, changes the game as a whole not just certain parts.

sup guys

this been so long Who actually the winner?!!!

it been more than 6 months