Calc gems

First i want to say sorry if what i will say is bad. I just want to tell you I got scam. And cuz i dunno how to calc gems when i buyit😕 I hope next have system to see item (gems) in world for owner or people who want to see it.

In other line my friend suggest to use apps to calc gems. But my phone to old and got laging when i out from game and go back to the game. And when i finish calc someone was buyit😃

Hehe. Just that all, thankyou

There’s a discord server that allows you to exactly calculate the amount of gems dropped in a world within 15 seconds. If you want the join link, tell me, I’ll provide it.

(You need to be over 13 though)

This is going to be my copypasta now!

isn’t it against rules? I don’t think so there is any official API

It may be against the rules. I’m not sure. Many (like 1 or 2) moderators are in the server though.

You need to be 13 to play the game according to Kukouri TOS

bruh just send the link