Calculate pw site down?

I used to calculate my gems and suddenly it shut down? Idk if its my connection or it actually got shut down.

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mine is like that too you can use this site too

Yeah but i wanna calculate rate easier

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calculating rate is easy?
lets say rate 1.600/250(impossible to find a rate these days xd but still) that makes 6.4 gems per bc
10k bc for 64000 gems
or lets say 100k gems
if you dont want to calc in your mind just use google

Yeah the site is down for me as well, it’s been like that for a few days now, perhaps is Shawn editing the website or adding something new to it :man_shrugging:

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Ghost2130's Ultimate Gem Calculator! you can check my editor if you want. its better when you are calculating how much bc it worths

I am afraid that the site has been discontinued

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Be a mathematical chad like me.
For this example, we’ll take the rate, 1.6k/250
(Amount of gems) ÷ (Rate) * 250
(69,420 ÷ 1600) * 250

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yeah but you still need to calculate the gems or you could get scammed

That’s right too, I guess, but I just use the afromentioed expression after I calculate the mgems in a notebook or anything else because I generally play on my moms mobile right now, where if I open a calculator pw just exits.

or use my calc. pls i worked hard on it you guys its free and i earn nothing from it but you guys support :smiley:

the thing i said up

I could use it I guess. I’ll bookmark it on my browser.

yayy :smiley: i will improve it and its gui its in beta right now :smiley:

You could use PW tools by Coldunwanted


Bad boy >:(

(this is a joke pw tools is obviously more amazing than my calc)

ig we know the winner B)

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Bro you need a surgery? Why is the black line like that? Makes me wanna vomit.

its a part of meme. it shows how sketchy the rating is

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The controversial tool… Yeah, if I wanted controversial stuff, I would play PVZ2 Eclise instead of AltverZ.