Calling all Pixel Worlds Metal Heads

Dear Metal Heads of Pixel Worlds,
Share some of your favorite metal songs here. I’m looking for some new band suggestions, and also I’d generally like to learn what tastes people here have!

Here’s 3 metal songs I find pretty good. (It should go without saying that there’s a profanity warning.)
These aren’t in any order, just 3 songs I like.
1. “Invasion” by Rings Of Saturn
Angry alien metal. Yes.

2. “Mad Skills Brah!” by Chuggaboom
Good band but not exactly appropriate for kids. This song is fine though, and has a cool video too.

3. “Dragons” by Nekrogoblikon
Chiptune and metal? HECK YEAH.


Mm yes metal head that is me yes


Well of course as a proud Finn I have to share some of our golden ones so here, have this:

Unfortunately this band is famous for their * cough cough * wild lyrics, so I cannot link any other songs from them.
Been absolutely in love with this one recently, it just hits different.

And well, some finnish pride again. Nightwish is just absolutely amazing with everything they do. It’s a lil softer as it’s symphonic metal but damn does it sound good. I’ve been listening to Nightwish literally all my life as my dad is their fan and it was the first band I myself became a fan of. They have quite deep lyrics and meanings behind their music and stuff and yeah, it’s cool.

And hmm, well. I’m huge fan of Rammstein too, listen to that a lot. Also Ghost but I guess that’s more hard rock than metal. I guess I’m a little softie when it comes to metal, I’m not one to listen to the heaviest of stuff. I mean I do like that too but it’s more about the specific songs. I’m mainly on the softer side when talking about everyday music and bands that I’m a fan of.

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I like the stuff Demetori does.

Also, Romuvos sounds good if you would like it. (its folk metal (if you would count it as a genre)).