Can anyone give me ingame color codes?

ive seen many world with colored texts via in sign. i know how to underscore and bold the letter but dont know how to color it. any codes is appreciated.

example color codes: <#00000>

you can just search in google

ive search it on google and shows nothing, even wiki. youtube however, some works and some dosent. ive only got the color red and black but i need the rest.

colors in-game are hex-color codes.
you can find a color picker on google
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Not all color works the basic yes.

Do you even know what to search.

I actually searched for pw color codes for no reason, thnks for the help

The normal color code is six numbers long. Eg: #006400 (dark green)
But you can add two more numbers at the end which act as transparency. Eg: #00640050 (dark green but it’s 50% visibility)

You could also type <color=[color name]>
So basically, if you want red, you’d type <color=red>

Although do note, darker variants of the color would not work, basic ones only.
There are also some colors that won’t work (ex=pink), thus you’d have to use the hex code.

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